About us


The name Harmony came from the owner of the farm's dream to live in harmony with nature. The ultimate goal is a symbiotic relationship between nature and humanity, which will lead to sustainable utilization of the natural resources on the land that we own. We feel very strongly that the land is borrowed to us and that we have the responsibility to manage it effectively so that not only a profitable business can be run on it but also the upliftment of the farm and its people and the larger environment in which the Farm is located, can take place.

The farm is located 120 km north-west of Pretoria, at the foot of the Waterberg Mountains. We average a rainfall of 450-650 mm per year, which ensures healthy mixed-bushveld conditions, with sweeping fields that dominate. The area is very suitable for game farming and that is why we focus on this. There are 12 species of game housed on Harmony, animals that can be viewed regularly. The game numbers are managed to minimize overgrowth and overpopulation pressure and create the best natural conditions.

Bow hunting:

We regard Harmonie as a destination for exclusive archery experiences. About hunting, we are passionate and proud of the services we deliver. We have set up the necessary facilities through fine planning and a lot of experience in order to give the bow hunter the best chance of success. With constant water holes and permanent feed points, the movement of game over the farm is controlled - something that also has a beneficial impact on the hunter's experience, as the animals became accustomed to all five shelters. The aim here is not to hunt as many animals as possible; The selective hunting of animals is being pursued, with an improvement in the general gene pool in the eye. We consider the hunting set as an important mechanism for the sustainable use of our resources.

Harmony Wildtelers:

Harmonie-Wildtelers was established as a company in 2014 after we saw the opportunity to become involved in the breeding industry. The farm is located in the heart of the wildlife industry, with outlets on our front porch.

We have gained ground with top-class grazing in our area and on the basis of fine planning and informed decisions we have established the infrastructure of six breeding camps. The camps work according to a passive bomb system: Each camp is managed by application of crop rotation and the selective capture of animals. Water is provided with a centrally located borehole, specifically for the purposes of the breeding project; This facilitates the dosing and treatment of animals selected for that purpose. All camps are surrounded by electrified fences to keep predators out, but also to preserve the genetics we breed. We feel strongly that it is a responsibility to breed good animal material.

After the infrastructure has been installed, we have selected species according to their adaptability to the types of grazing we have at our disposal. We are convinced that natural roughage components are important in any ecosystem.

We have the best possible genetics that allows our budget, and proud to announce that we are currently breeding with the following species:

  • cross-sable
  • golden wildebeest
  • King-wildebeest
  • black impala

Our vision for this facet of Harmony farming is to improve our wildlife genetics through selection and sound management, to deliver top-quality materials, which will enable us to get a profitable business unit in return.

Profitable farming units are critically important as a prerequisite for the conservation and conservation of our natural resources.